It’s A No-Go

Well I think my first mistake was getting excited about the date.
That is usually the kiss of death for me. I prepared.
Picked out a stylish outfit, coat and accessories.
My motto is dress to impress especially when a man knows fashion.
I conducted my go to 9 step skin care regimen that I only pull out for big occasions such as fashion week and dates such as this one and poof.

Nothing. Nada. Zip.

I should have known something was the matter. I did not have a good feeling yesterday when he did not text me.
I resisted to text him today until about 7pm when I knew he would be out of work and no reply.
Well as the French say “c’est la vie”: That is life.
That is dating. That is my luck.

Will I give him another chance? It is hard to say. Sometimes people show you exactly who they are and if this is it then Hard Pass.

No matter who you are or who you are dating your time is valuable.
Always remember that.

All the Best,



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