First Date With A Frenchmen

Well I am happy to announce that our first date went extremely well!

He texted me mid-afternoon on the day we agreed and we coordinated the date and time.
He offered to pick me up and I agreed.

He then arrived promptly at the discussed time of 6:45.
Texting me numerous times along the way to let me know he was going to be close.
This was extremely helpful to me because I just got our of yoga class at 6:30.

Which leads me to the stressful part. Getting home to get dressed. Thank the yoga gods for the zen I achieved in class because thats the only thing that kept me together and got me ready on time.

In 15 minutes I took the fastest shower of my life, got changed, reapplied my makeup, did my hair and managed to apply red lipstick (in a subtle tone) on my lips all before he called me to tell me he arrived. I only managed to get eyeliner on my nose once!
I was very proud of myself. The trophy for fastest date preparation goes to me!
*fervent applause*
Thank you!

We ended up going to this lovely restaurant that is organic farm to table. The portions are more European sized.
Our dinner started out with him ordering a bottle of wine for the table. A nice red which paired perfectly with both of our dinners.

The flow of conversation was never ending we stayed at the restaurant until almost 9 o’clock.
We concluded our evening walking around my beautiful city my arm in his. I got to play tour guide and show him the sights and historic areas of downtown.
We walked for almost an hour. He never letting me walk on the street side of the walkway. What a gentleman.
After almost an hour he drove me back home. He parked outside my house and opened my door for me. Gentleman point number two.
Before he walked me to my door he took me by the hand and here I thought he just wanted a hug. So i gave him one.
He kissed my cheek and whispered how he really wished to kiss me.
Charming, charming Frenchman. So I let him.

I can gladly report that all things said about the French knowing how to kiss are true.
It was probably one of the best kisses of my life.
No one can hold you in their arms like a frenchman can and kiss you with such passion only hours after meeting you.
Now I don’t normally kiss on the first date but who can say “No” to such a charming attractive gentleman? It’s my weakness.

We left the evening off with him expressing how he would like to meet me again and a reluctance to let go of my hand before we really said Goodnight.
Then a text when he returned home safely stating the same.

I would call that a pretty good first date, wouldn’t you?
Regardless of what happens in the future I am glad I spent an evening with a Frenchmen.



The Frenchman Called To Apologize

Okay. I caved.
He called to apologize.

Now before you roll your eyes at me. This never happens.
This isn’t a typical thing.

SO in short he asked to meet me again and I gave him a second chance.
Our amended first date is tonight.
I will be sure to pour on extra charm so he feels especially bad about last week anyway.

Well wish me luck!
I will keep you posted!



It’s A No-Go

Well I think my first mistake was getting excited about the date.
That is usually the kiss of death for me. I prepared.
Picked out a stylish outfit, coat and accessories.
My motto is dress to impress especially when a man knows fashion.
I conducted my go to 9 step skin care regimen that I only pull out for big occasions such as fashion week and dates such as this one and poof.

Nothing. Nada. Zip.

I should have known something was the matter. I did not have a good feeling yesterday when he did not text me.
I resisted to text him today until about 7pm when I knew he would be out of work and no reply.
Well as the French say “c’est la vie”: That is life.
That is dating. That is my luck.

Will I give him another chance? It is hard to say. Sometimes people show you exactly who they are and if this is it then Hard Pass.

No matter who you are or who you are dating your time is valuable.
Always remember that.

All the Best,


I Have A Date With A Frenchman

Yep, you read it here first. I am dipping my toe back into the dating pool and I met a very nice French boy. Surprisingly not in France but in my own backyard of Pennsylvania. Thank you multinational companies. Our first date is on Wednesday and I am very excited and slightly scared to see the differences in my dating culture.
I will be sure to write updates because I really can’t find any advice on dating a Frenchman in the United States.
Will it be a combination of our cultures?
Will it be mostly French dating culture because thats what he knows?
Has he even dating an American Girl before?

All of these questions will hopefully be answered on Wednesday.
If you need me I will be staring into my closet wondering what to wear!
I will update on my outfit the whole process!